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Suicide. Homicide. Genocide. Religicide.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Catholics vs. Protestants in Northern Ireland, 9/11, Islamic State, Ku Klux Klan (they targeted Jews, Catholics, African Americans and other social or ethnic minorities), Crusades (Muslims vs, Christians), Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970, Muslims vs. Christians), Bosnia in the early 1990’s: Croatians vs. Serbians vs. Muslims, Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990 Sunnis vs. Shiites), French Wars of Religion (1562-1598, Protestant Hugenots vs. French Catholics)), German Peasants War (1524-1525, tax war, Dutch churches vs. French churches)…it’s never-ending. Many different religions. Many different wars. They kill in the name of their God. Religion is powerful. Interpretation of religion by fanatic followers is deadly. In extremely heinous acts.

Holy War LetterpressReligion is more significant today due to globalization (cultural and economic)which is challenging and changing everything. Upsetting the apple cart worldwide. Social, economic and political systems are disrupted, ignored or undermined. Exposure to the broader world causes many to now see what they never had and never will. Income inequality is exacerbated. How their government has failed them is brought to light. Countries that liberalize trade imports often create poverty. The realization that they have no future is devastating. And infuriating. An easy call to violence.

Cultural globalization along with the spread of secularism has caused a resurgence in religious beliefs which, of course, includes strict fundamentalist/orthodox views. Views that people are prepared to die for. Religion, compared to other ideologies, is more divisive. The more orthodox, the more divisive. People get angry if the orthodoxy is not followed strictly. On the world stage, faith means something completely different in the East vs. the West. In the East, it is more political and a way of life. The West sets it aside from civil society. It is personal. Although it looks like things are a changing.

This is just a short, light post to get you thinking. Why? How did all these horrible, evil acts occur? And why do they continue? The root of the problem: religion. So far, as Richard Dawkins (Britain’s best-known atheist) said, “no atheist has gone into a crowded, public place, blown themselves up while shouting no god is great.”