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Only In America

Only In America:

  • Criminals who don’t obey/respect police commands and then cry foul.
  • String cheese
  • A person does not necessarily become president by winning the popular vote of the people.
  • Highest money donations in the world when there is a disaster somewhere in the world.
  • Cool George DollarAmericans have less attention span than a goldfish (based on scientific research).
  • Red-light running capital of the world.
  • We care more about homeless animals than homeless people.
  • Friendliest people in the world.
  • Two presidential candidates with extremely poor approval ratings.
  • There is no civility in the presidential campaigns.
  • People make their presidential choice based on 30-second soundbites.
  • Everything is labeled gourmet. How can ice cubes be gourmet?
  • Apartments are labeled luxury living even if you’re directly in the flight path with constant jet noise.
  • Young adults forego college, live at home, work retail jobs to pursue their fantasy celebrity party life with martini lunches and fabulous clothes they cannot afford.
  • Automobile vending machines (Carvana).
  • Vote Election Badge Button For 2016 Background 3D Illustrations254 different kinds of cereals to choose from at the grocery store.
  • Public Housing For Millionaires (stadiums/athletes)
  • A presidential candidate with five children from three wives criticizes minorities for their broken families.
  • There is no federal regulation of pharmaceutical companies.
  • They can charge what they want and raise the price anytime.
  • To be continued. Please help. Your donations are welcome.