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America The Crucible

It’s been a tough two weeks. An anthem to sum it up.

Sing this to the tune of America The Beautiful:


O crucible of baseless lies

For anger waves of pain

Your mountain of the fallacies

Is so purely insane!

America! America!

Don’t let him piss on thee

And crown the hood with brotherhood

From me to shining thee!


Don’t let the Cheeto lie to you

Fact check no matter what

Loved by many, loathed by more

He is not your brother!

America! America!

Ignorance and bigotry

Tweets and lies to privatize

Ban those refugees!


 Disregard the constitution

Propaganda Barbie

The law is what he says it is

Crony capitalism!

America! America!

Yuuuuge tax cuts not for thee

A dire future for us all

Resist and let us see!


What’s the next verse?

If you want to see a chicken playing America The Beautiful: