This is an ongoing list. I need your help here. Your perspective. What makes us American?

A president who won the election but persists in claiming there were three to five million fraudulent votes.

No lunch breaks: eating at your desk instead.

It’s completely legal for underage kids to smoke cigarettes, but it is illegal for them to purchase them.

Male Veteran soldier back to camera saluting United States of America flag.You become famous for being stupid.

Flavored coffees…maybe flavored everything (catsup, mayonnaise, water, etc..)

One hundred acres of pizza are sold in America every day.

Deep-fried everything: butter, Oreos, pickles, macaroni & cheese…please tell me this is only at state fairs.

The U.S. has one-fourth of the entire global prison population.

String cheese.

Americans like “elbow room”…that personal space around us.

Snow cones.

The most dangerous job in  America is that of being President. One in ten has been killed on the job.


We are the most likely people in the world to help a stranger.

One out of three Americans is obese (66% are overweight).

Alternative facts.

One out of eight Americans has been employed by McDonald’s at some point.

College athletes are treated like celebrities.




Only In America

Only In America:

  • Criminals who don’t obey/respect police commands and then cry foul.
  • String cheese
  • A person does not necessarily become president by winning the popular vote of the people.
  • Highest money donations in the world when there is a disaster somewhere in the world.
  • Cool George DollarAmericans have less attention span than a goldfish (based on scientific research).
  • Red-light running capital of the world.
  • We care more about homeless animals than homeless people.
  • Friendliest people in the world.
  • Two presidential candidates with extremely poor approval ratings.
  • There is no civility in the presidential campaigns.
  • People make their presidential choice based on 30-second soundbites.
  • Everything is labeled gourmet. How can ice cubes be gourmet?
  • Apartments are labeled luxury living even if you’re directly in the flight path with constant jet noise.
  • Young adults forego college, live at home, work retail jobs to pursue their fantasy celebrity party life with martini lunches and fabulous clothes they cannot afford.
  • Automobile vending machines (Carvana).
  • Vote Election Badge Button For 2016 Background 3D Illustrations254 different kinds of cereals to choose from at the grocery store.
  • Public Housing For Millionaires (stadiums/athletes)
  • A presidential candidate with five children from three wives criticizes minorities for their broken families.
  • There is no federal regulation of pharmaceutical companies.
  • They can charge what they want and raise the price anytime.
  • To be continued. Please help. Your donations are welcome.