Peter Principle


Ya know what really grinds my beans? Let me tell you about my boss, Peter, who is a highly principled guy. So let’s just call him Peter Principle. Maybe he was your boss at one time too. Where do I start?

Where Is He?

He’s there but he isn’t. Not like he’s one sandwich short of a picnic. Not that kind of not there. He’s not invisible. But he should be as he has no effect. Peter never knows where his employees are or what they’re doing. There’s only three of us! His daily rant is, “Nothing ever gets done around here.” Curiously, he only says this to me, not to the “offenders”. Like:

Boss Ego“Doesn’t that bother you about John taking two and one-half hour lunches?”

I reply, “He’s my co-worker–what am I supposed to say?” Inside my seething brain, I’m really saying,”You’re the manager. Do something.” Is he testing my anger management skills? What does he expect? Peter might show up for work about 11 a.m., if not noon. He IS on time if HIS boss plans to be there. What an example to set. I wish he would say to me, “Why aren’t you working?” My reply would be, “I didn’t see you coming.”

No, No, No!

No leadership. No management plan. No direction to employees. No nothing. This is a bad boss problem. A dangerous world for us subordinates: landmines, disasters, punishment, second-guessing from what he says. Who’s responsibility is it to compensate? The boss or the subordinate? How do I manage my boss?

 Drama Queen

Peter Principle thrives on conflict and drama. That’s all he knows. I can only surmise that he is totally uncomfortable in this role as manager. Why else would he bitch me out about nothing day after day? The bellowing of the bull to show who’s boss. Maybe it’s due to his genes. He is part blow-hard, he-man, and —hole. The boss from hell. Let’s hope he goes back to where he came from. Will he fall on his own sword?

Dog Pile

Esquire magazine said the root cause of manager incompetence is that everyone in the organization keeps getting promoted until they reach their level of incompetence. Then they stop getting promoted. Given enough time, every position in the company will be occupied by someone who can’t do their job. Soon enough, the company will probably implode. Catastrophic failure. A dog pile of useless employees. On top will be Peter Principle.

Do you know Peter?


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